Monday, May 5, 2014

Thing # 24 One Last Thing...

Throughout this blogging adventure I learned a lot about recourses I didn't even know existed. Some of my favorite discoveries were the Wiki and the flow chart makers. I didn't realize until this blog how handy Wikis could be and that many different people could get on and edit them. In my chemistry class I'm drawing flowcharts all the time, and with my slight OCD, sometimes they aren't always perfect. Gliffy allowed me to create a flowchart super quick. These apps could be a great way for students to review for an exam.

With all of my new tools in my toolbox, I hope to integrate as many of these tools in my classroom to aid my students in learning and keep myself organized. To improve the blogging experience the tasks could be updated. Some of the activities were things I already knew how to do, or had resources that I enjoyed more. For example there are awesome presentation generators out there like Prezi. Those are the types of things you will use everyday in your classroom and will be engaging to your students. As a whole I'm glad that this is my last blog post. I enjoyed learning new things, but will probably not keep up this particular blog. I do hope to be able to better use my teacher website for my students, and this experience has really helped me realize what all needs to go into keeping up a blog.

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